Sid the Pike from Allan Griffiths Predator People professional angling guides on the Norfolk Broads


A Brief History Of The "Predator People"

My guiding career started back in the summer of 1984 after a chance conversation between myself and some anglers holidaying on the Norfolk Broads. After saying how they loved the area they also remarked how difficult it had been to find consistent sport, particularly on the Broads themselves, we decided that we would all go out together for a days general fishing later that week. A few days later we all met up at Hickling Broad and had a great time catching numerous fish including Roach - Rudd - Bream and Perch, on our return one of the anglers asked if I would consider taking him Pike fishing in the coming winter - well I've always been nutty about Pike fishing so the answer was yes and Fishing In Norfolk (our initial name) was born. It all seems a long time ago now but I can still remember my first trip and what we caught, over the preceding years the Fishing In Norfolk name has changed to Allan Griffiths "Predator People" and has grown to be one of the most prolific full time - professional guiding services in the UK, but my basic aims have never changed.


From the start my philosophy was simple - to offer anglers of all abilities the chance to catch wild fish in beautiful surroundings - at affordable and realistic prices and most importantly make sure that everyone had fun and great memories. I'm pleased to say that these aims are still my priority today and that we still achieve them. My guided Pike fishing trips started on the River Thurne system in Norfolk, since then we have expanded to cover all of the main Broadland river systems and Broads as well as offering limited trips for both Pike and Zander on the Fenland drains.

We operate two boats capable of taking two anglers per boat , the second boat is operated by Tony Wilson, pictured on the left with client Miranda, who has worked with me since the early 1990's, Tony has a passion for Pike plus he runs our Summer Bream fishing trips as well.


Everyone is welcome no matter ability or age, all methods are fished and free tuition is given on our trips if required. One thing to note though is that what we don't do is go and chase individual known fish, if your an angler that wishes to do this then please do not book with us. We use our knowledge of the Broadland waterways to put you on to fish using the good old fashioned term "watercraft" which is sadly becoming forgotten these days, fishing all of the Norfolk Broads waterways not just one river system!


The last few years have seen a tremendous growth in people offering guiding services throughout the UK, some are extremely good and provide an excellent service others leave a lot to be desired, to say the least.

Allan owner of the Predator People angling guides many, many years ago now!
Allan still catching Norfolk Broads Pike these days
Allan G owner of the Predator People angling guides many years ago now with his sons PB Pike
Custom designed Pike fishing boats with Allan Griffiths Predator People angling guides

Unfortunately flashy web sites are the norm now and you don't know what your getting from a guide until you've actually been out with them, a few things to look out for though is the length of time that they have been in business, you don't survive in this business very long if you continually con people, we've been guiding since 1984. Check to see if they are fully insured and licensed to guide on the waters they are fishing, check out their pictures of customers catches, not their own but their customers catches, this is very important as that is what you are and lastly and importantly check out what there equipment is like, being cramped up in a small uncomfortable boat with poor tackle does make for a very unpleasant day which is why we offer boats like the ones below complete for your comfort and safety, follow these rules and you'll have a brilliant day out to remember.

Predator People angling guides on th Norfolk Broads

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