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Our Range Of Guided Fishing Trips In The Broads National Park



These were the first trips we ran way back in 1984 and they are still our most popular, with 8  hours on water time they give the thinking angler the chance to sample some of the best Pike fishing in the UK today, venues vary from the wilds of Hickling Broad on the Thurne system through to urban fishing on the Wensum system in the centre of Norwich itself.


We fish all methods on these trips so whether your a lure, fly or bait agler we can offer you the trip of your choice, just let us know at the time of booking.

Our boats are equipped with landing nets, unhooking equipment, scales etc etc, tackle hire and bait or lure packages are available on these trips or you are more than welcome to bring your own gear if you would prefer, except livebaits which have to be caught from the venue on the day as per E.A bylaws. We suggest that you bring a packed lunch as this will maximise your fishing time, however we can usually arrange a pub lunch if you would prefer to take a break. We don't have fixed start and finish times on these trips but we do find that most clients prefer to start at 08:00 and finish at 16:00 - the choice is yours though, however if the weather is hot then we do suggest an early as possible start to make it more pleasurable for both  the fish and the anglers.


Available Monday - Sunday Between June 16th - March 14th each season - £180.00 per boat



If you short of time or maybe your on holiday and can't take a whole day out then these trips are just the thing, we started these many years ago and they still prove popular today, we offer these trips Monday to Friday between June 16th and 31st August only, limited availability makes prior booking recommended.


We only lure fish on these trips as time is short, if your a seasoned lure angler you'll find these great, if your a beginner and not sure about lure fishing then these will give you just enough time to try this great method and catch some hard fighting Summer Pike using various types of lures and techniques. As on our 8 hour trips above we can supply tackle hire and lure packages or you are more than welcome to bring  your own if you would prefer, we normally start these trips between 17:00 and 18:00 hours and finish around 3 hours later,


Available  Mon - Fri  Between June 16th - August 31st each season - £90.00 per boat

Bream fishing trips on the Norfolk Broads with the Predator People angling guidesBREAM FISHING TRIPS - Dusk-till-Dawn

Bream fishing has always been synonymous with the Norfolk Broads, we started these popular Summer only trips way back in the 1980's and find that they are still well


We usually fish during the hours of darkness hence the Dusk-till-Dawn title of these trips, catering for up to 2 anglers per trip we either fish from the boats or use the boats to get to some remote bank side and fish from there. Usually feeder fishing most venues using one/two rods per person with 1.5 - 2oz feeders the norm, 6lb mainline down to a lighter hook length and a size 14 hook, tackle & baits are supplied.


These Bream trips only run from June 16th until September 30th each year and take up is usually quite high so we always advise if possible to book early to ensure you get the dates you require. £110.00 Per Boat

Predator People angling guides on th Norfolk Broads

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